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Chrysanthemum Honeysuckle Wolfberry Cassia Seed Tea 150g

Chrysanthemum Honeysuckle Wolfberry Cassia Seed Tea 150g

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With the pace of urban work and the increase of work pressure, now many white-collar workers often choose some of the health effects of traditional Chinese medicine tea drink, which cassia seed, chrysanthemum, wolfberry, honeysuckle can drink water together. First look at the effect of these four medicines, cassia seed is a blind can go to liver fire, through the stool of traditional Chinese medicine, but also can treat eye swelling, astringent pain and headache, dizziness effect, has the effect of clearing the liver and brighting the eyes, moistening the bowel. Chrysanthemum is the evacuation of wind heat, clearing heat and detoxification, clearing liver and brightening eyes. Wolfberry has the effect of protecting liver, tonifying kidney and aphrodisiac. Honeysuckle is used to clear away heat and fire, and treat various heat syndrome, wind heat cold, rash, spot, sore throat and so on. Therefore, these four kinds of medicine can soak together, play the effect of clearing heat and expelling fire, clearing liver and brightening eyes, moistening bowel and tonifying kidney.


  • Brand - Tong Ren Tang
  • Net content - 150g x 1 bag
  • Brand Origin - China
  • Storage Conditions - Seal and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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