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Wolfberry Herbal Tea 135g

Wolfberry Herbal Tea 135g

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The efficacy of wolfberry tea includes nourishing the liver and kidney and benefiting the shrewd eyes. Wolfberry tea is called wolfberry tea, wolfberry sex Gan Ping, return to the liver and kidney meridian. The main effect is to nourish the liver and kidney. Assist liver and kidney Yin deficiency caused by waist and knee pain and weakness, dizziness, insomnia and dreams, five upset heat, hair and hair early white, dry throat and mouth, hair loss and kidney deficiency infertility, but also can enhance human immunity, enhance human disease resistance.


  • Brand - Mo Shang Hua Kai
  • Net content -135g x 1 bottle
  • Brand Origin - China
  • Shelf life - 360 days
  • Storage Conditions - Dry, low temperature, sealed, odor-proof
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