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Hawthorn Herbal Tea 75g

Hawthorn Herbal Tea 75g

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Hawthorn tea is brewed with hawthorn drinks, hawthorn tea taste sweet and sour is one of the people's favorite drinks, hawthorn taste sour Gan, into the spleen, stomach meridian, with spleen appetizer, digestion and blood stasis effect. Patients with dyspepsia and loss of appetite symptoms, appropriate to take hawthorn tea can play the role of digestion and stomach strengthening, appropriate to take hawthorn tea can also supplement the body needs water, can play the role of thirst, can alleviate the patient's dry mouth, hawthorn tea can also promote intestinal peristalsis, Proper drinking of some hawthorn tea can play a role in moistening bowel and laxative effect, can alleviate patients with dry stool and defecation difficulties, for the prevention of constipation in patients with a very good effect.


  • Brand - Mo Shang Hua Kai
  • Net content - 75g x 1 bottle
  • Brand Origin - China
  • Shelf life - 540 days
  • Storage Conditions - Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight
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